December 4, 2021
Migrant Caravan Rolling Into The US ‘Ready for War’ With Border Patrol – Report

Migrant Caravan Rolling Into The US ‘Ready for War’ With Border Patrol – Report

The US administration has a grave problem in its hands. With a migrant caravan suspected to be carrying tens of thousands of men ready to go to war with the US Border Patrol set to arrive, the Biden administration sees the situation as something to be addressed without delay.

The speculation began when an immigration activist in southern Mexico dropped hints that the next migrant caravan was “ready for war” with US Border Patrol, said a NewsBreak report. It is being told that the battle-ready group is expected to begin moving toward the north on October 25.

The report also pointed out that officials in Panama believe that close to 60,000 people are in transit through that country. Another 20,000 are also said to be waiting to cross over from Colombia. The situation seems really bad, going by the numbers.

3 US Officials Rush to Mexico to Discuss Security

The US government is not too perturbed, though, believing it could handle the situation easily. Last week, three officials had rushed to Mexico to discuss issues relating to Security. However, the team had excluded Vice President Kamala Harris, known as the “border czar”.

The issue of the men arriving with a mind-on confrontation could cause concerns, but Republican National Committee spokeswoman Macarena Martinez doesn’t think it would be a problem. She was quoted saying that the US administration does not doubt that “the administration will do what they’ve been doing for the past month, which is nothing.”

The general sentiment is that most people in this latest caravan will also be dispersed throughout the US. Like in the case of millions of others that have come before them.

The US Shouldn’t Lose Track of Men Arriving

However, in case the US administration loses track of all of them that disperse throughout the US terrain, that could be a problem, according to Martinez. This could also mean that the Texas border communities would be pushed to danger. Further still, the issue could blow up into a national problem.

In a situation where the caravan’s carrying the people heading for US shores are a potential threat, many are concerned. Going by speculations, the latest group on the pathway to American terrain are determined and confident enough that any will not halt their path to the US. It is said that they are entirely determined to reach America with or without the government’s consent.



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