December 4, 2021
He Left With The Child In His Arms Saying That He Had Fainted

He Left With The Child In His Arms Saying That He Had Fainted

The Civil Guard is reconstructing the murder of Álex, a 9-year-old boy in Lardero at the hands of a man with a criminal record and who was on probation. The crime has shocked the residents of this Riojan town, while some witnesses have affirmed that when they located the 54-year-old detainee at the door of his house, “he came out with the child in his arms saying that he had fainted and that he was I had found there. ”

The explanation did not convince one of the witnesses, who was able to verify that the child was already unconscious , according to this Lardero neighbor, a witness to what happened with her husband and two other parents.

The presence of the detainee, Francisco Javier Almeida, in that neighborhood had already raised the suspicions of some parents in the area. As explained by another of the people who helped search for the minor once his disappearance was known, he assured that the Police already had evidence that something could happen. “I called myself a few days ago because they tried to take my daughter, ” said this woman.

According to her account, on October 14 “the same person tried it with two girls, one of them my daughter.” The man now detained for the death of the minor “told them to go up to his house to see some birds ” and the girl “came to tell me and we went to look for him, but we did not find him at that time,” he said. “Now I understand, he lived opposite,” lamented the woman.

“It seems fatal to me that they let an ex-convict live here , 200 meters from a school, a park, and where there are many children,” said this mother, who stated that “we are afraid, upset, and we think there are no justice or protection “. “The worst thing is to leave a murderer and a rapist on the loose, after having alerted the police,” he stressed.

The Government Delegation has clarified that there is evidence of a complaint on October 25 before the Civil Guard at the Villamediana de Iregua Post, that at the Villa Patro de Lardero School a boy invited a girl to go play with his daughter, to which she did not agree. However, the Government Delegation adds, the data provided in the complaint did not allow the author to be identified or linked to the detained person and there are no other similar facts.

The crime that shocked this Riojan town occurred around 8:25 p.m. on Thursday, when a call was received through 112 stating the disappearance of the minor , near Villa Patro. In addition, and according to witnesses, they manifested how “a man took the child by deceit .”

Subsequently, the Civil Guard and the Local Police of Lardero went to the place and, a few minutes later, the Villamediana Civil Guard patrol gave notice and called for an ambulance “upon finding the minor in a very serious and unconscious condition with a male. ” inside a portal of the town. The little boy tried to be revived by the emergency services, without success, and died at the scene.

On probation
The detainee, Francisco Javier Almeida, 54, is a resident of Lardero and has a history of sexual assault in 1993 , for which he was sentenced to 7 years in prison, and for murder and sexual assault, in August 1998 , sentenced to 20 years and 10 years, respectively.

As confirmed by the Government Delegation, he was transferred from another prison to the Logroño Penitentiary Center and obtained conditional release on April 8, 2020. The sentence expired on August 17, 2023.

The fact that he was on probation has caused outrage from many local parents. Milagros Spain, whose son played in the park of Villa Patro and went to the school of the same name, has indicated in statements to Europa Press that he does not understand “that they take this man out, who, by the way, has not finished his sentence, which was 30 years, so I do not know who has decided that he was ready to go out , we have already seen that he was not, “he stressed.

This neighbor from Lardero has pointed out that “what a coincidence that she has come to live in front of a school!”, And “she has already tried to take two other girls.” He has indicated that he did not understand why he was not given notice that he was coming to live here, or “why he was not put on a telematics bracelet”, because he was a “predator” .

Indeed, Spain knew the previous victim – the real estate worker, murdered in 1998 in Logroño – of the alleged murderer of Lardero, since “he lived in the same building as him, and was obsessed with her .” In fact, “she made an appointment with him to buy the apartment, he raped her and stabbed her” and “it was horrible.”

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