December 4, 2021
Vinícius Meets Again With The Goal To Lead Real Madrid In Elche

Vinícius Meets Again With The Goal To Lead Real Madrid In Elche

Real Madrid once again add three in three in the league thanks to a double from Vinícius in ‘star mode’, showing that he already has that definition that he was accused of lacking so much. Ancelotti’s men follow in the lead while Elche sinks a little further in the table and this day could end in relegation places.

The first chance of danger of the game was not long in coming, in the boots of a Rodrygo who surprised with a shot from the front of the area that Casilla repelled. The Brazilian lasted just over 15 minutes into the game, before having to retire injured by a ‘puncture’ in the thigh and replaced by Asensio.

However, those who better settled in the opening minutes of the game were the locals, who made the locals very uncomfortable. They had Escribá’s team, who became the coach with the most matches in the First Division with Elche, more presence although without special danger in the Courtois area, beyond a powerful point-blank shot by Lucas Boyé that the Belgian stopped.

The response of Real Madrid, unbeatable before the rush of the people of Elche. Ancelotti’s men took advantage of a loss of the ball in the center of the field and in just two touches Vinícius was alone in the area and crossed his shot to the long post.

A moral blow for the locals against the whites who were slowly approaching the goal of Casilla, with a great Mariano who also had his chance but without luck.

However, Elche also had their chances to tie the game. The clearest, in the boots of Lucas Pérez that he ended up wasting despite having only Fidel in front of the goal waiting for his pass.

After the resumption, Real Madrid began to look for the goal with more impetus, although again the locals generated danger in the white area. The clearest of the start were those of Escribá, first with a chance from Lucas Pérez and later a providential cut from Marcelo avoided a Franco-green half goal.

The game was very much in the face of the whites around the time of the match, when Elche was left with ten for the expulsion for the second yellow to Raúl Guti after an entry on Kroos.

Shortly after, the German had his share of prominence also in Madrid’s second goal, although the merits went to Vinícius. Subtle filtered pass from the midfielder between the lines and the winger gains position in speed and then elegantly chops the ball over Casilla to celebrate his ninth goal of the season.

The final stretch of the game was marked by emotion with Pere Milla’s goal that cut distances for Elche with five minutes remaining. However, they were left with the desire to score a point that would take them away from relegation and they will have to continue rowing to get away from the lower part of the table.

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