December 4, 2021
The Highest Mountain In Ecuador

The Highest Mountain In Ecuador

At least three people died and another three suffered injuries after an avalanche that surprised them when they climbed the Chimborazo volcano, the highest mountain in Ecuador , reported this Sunday the Ecuadorian Integrated Security Service, ECU-911. The accident was caused by an ice avalanche, according to the newspaper El Comercio.

The result of the rescue actions remains “in three wounded people and three deaths. The search work for possible missing persons continues,” a source from the ECU-911 told Efe.

In a preliminary version, that entity had reported four people dead and one injured, although it later updated the results of the operation with data from the teams that act in search and rescue efforts.

The ECU-911, whose operation for this contingency began early this Sunday, has coordinated the assistance of specialized personnel from the Police and the Armed Forces to collaborate with the task.

Likewise, members of the Quito Firefighters Corps traveled to the place, where a Unified Command Post (PMU) has been set up among the different entities participating in the rescue.

– ECU 911 Riobamba (@ ecu911Riobamba) October 24, 2021
The source said that the group of tourists was affected by adverse weather conditions in the Chimborazo area (6,268 meters high), located in the Andean province of the same name, in the center of the country, and where several snow-capped mountains and massifs of great attraction for climbers and visitors.

According to the ECU-911, the group, about twelve people who were climbing Chimborazo at dawn and were already at an altitude of 6,100 meters, were surprised by an avalanche.

Personnel from the Special Operations Group of the Police and Fire Department in the area were the first to come to rescue the tourists and were supported by guards from the Ministry of the Environment and a helicopter from the police air service.

Rescue of another group
In parallel, the ECU-911 reported that members of the GOE of the Police and the fire department work in the rescue of another group of 20 tourists who presented symptoms of hypothermia, while they were mountaineering in the neighboring snow-capped El Altar, of 5,319 meters high above sea level and located in the same province.

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