January 23, 2022

$2,000 Monthly COVID-19 Stimulus Checks? That’s what over 3 million people – and still counting – are asking for

What does $2,000 a month sound like — and $1,000 more for every child you could have — until the entire COVID-19 pandemic comes to an end?

Well, to over 3 million people and counting – with Omicron burning across the country – it sounds pretty, damn good.

This one, according to a story on Forbes.com this week indicating a Change.org petition started by restaurant owner Stephanie Bonin in Denver which has gained steam on the internet. So far, the petition has passed the 3 million signature mark with a target of 4.5 million supporters.

“Our country is still going through a hard time,” Bonin wrote on the petition. “The recovery hasn’t reached many Americans — the true unemployment rate for low-paid workers is estimated to be over 20%, and many people have been in huge debt since last year for things like utilities, rent and childcare. These are all reasons why checks should be aimed at people who are still struggling and Congress should learn from the past year. It took Congress nine months to send a second stimulus check, and mere moments to issue it. Moving forward Congress should create recurring checks automatically if certain triggers are met.”

For those who have struggled since the beginning of this nightmare, a little more financial stability would certainly be welcome.

But after three rounds of stimulus checks during the pandemic, and showing several positive trends — Forbes points to “high vaccination coverage, stock recovery and employment statistics” improving over the past year — a fourth round of controls seems unlikely.

Mix in the fact that President Joe Biden has so far refused to take that step and it probably won’t happen. And if a fourth stimulus check comes, according to Forbes, it’s unlikely that a recurring payment would be preferred over another round of one-time checks.

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