January 23, 2022

California Stimulus Checks: More Incentive Payments After Budget Surplus?

there’s some good news on the way for people in the United States, and specifically in California, since there is a fourth stimulus check underway a little later in 2022.

The Golden State Stimulus Checks were sent out at the end of 2021 due to a budget surplus, with the state of California then distributing them to those most in need of the financial aid, and it looks like something similar could happen in the following months.

Governor Gavin Newson presented his budget proposal Monday, and it is predicted that there will be a massive $45.7 billion budget surplus this year, meaning the state of California is obligated to return about $2.6 billion of that amount to the government. taxpayers.

Another Golden State Stimulus Check?

It is not yet clear whether an incentive check will be sent in the same way as last year Golden State Stimulus but Gov. Newson revealed he is in talks with lawmakers about a way to lend Californians a helping hand.

Meanwhile, there are still some Californians waiting for the final Golden State Stimulus check payment on land, with most of these people receiving checks in the mail.

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