January 18, 2022

How much money can a typical senior couple expect from Social Security in 2022? | Personal Finance

However, there is a limit to the impact of this strategy move, as Social Security benefits are only designed to replace about 40% of each person’s income for early retirement – even in the best-case scenario, where benefits are fully optimized. And living on 40% of what your household previously brought in will obviously require some inconvenient sacrifices.

The good news is that the potential to generate additional income is limited only by how much you want and can save during your career or by factors such as whether you’re willing to work part-time as a retiree.

If you can invest a reasonable amount during your working life or do part-time or consulting work as a senior, you may be able to earn a lot of extra money to supplement your savings and get the security you deserve in your later years.

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