January 18, 2022

Fourth Stimulus Check Live Updates: $200 Social Security, Child Tax Credit, Tax Return, Golden State Payment…


– Last round of Golden State Stimulus Checks has now been distributed

– IRS tax return season begins January 24: everything you need to know about Government aid and tax returns 2021

– Congress may include: covid-19 stimulus financing in the account of government expenditure

– IRS chief Chuck Rettig on tax season 2022: “The pandemic continues to present challenges”

– U.S unemployment rate dropped nasty 3.9 percent in December, the lowest fare since the start of the pandemic

– Average Social Security Benefit shall increase by about $92 this year, thanks to COLA 2022 increase

– Failure to pass a Build Back Better bill means no Child Tax Credit direct payment this month

– Until $8,000 in incentive payments may be claimed by some households this year

Useful information & links:

Child Tax Credit

– Can the Child Tax Credit be extended after the Senate failed to pass the Build Back Better bill last month?

Senator Manchin has his say on President Biden’s future Better build back to suggest?

Stimulus Controls

– Report confirms that the Boston bomber got a stimulus control

– How many stimulus checks have been approved in the past 12 months?

Social Security

Social Security recipients are eligible for a COLA raise, but can they get a? additional $200this month?

– What does the 5.9% COLA increase mean for Social Security beneficiaries?

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