January 18, 2022

New $1,000 Incentive Checks to Go Out to Essential Workers by Proposal

HUNDREDS of thousands of workers could get themselves another round of incentive payments.

In OregonDemocratic lawmakers would “revitalize” a proposal that would net essential workers a $1,000 stimulus control.

Employees who worked at the height of the pandemic were eligible for a check for $1,000


Employees who worked at the height of the pandemic were eligible for a check for $1,000

It would help residents who worked during the heights of the pandemic, reports Oregon Live.

If it becomes law, the following employees will be eligible:

  • Worked in medium to high risk jobs
  • From April 2020 to December 2020, personally worked at least 20 hours per week
  • Earned less than $22 per hour ($42,900 per year)
  • No bonus or hazard compensation received for working during the pandemic

An initial analysis estimates that at least 230,000 workers are eligible, but Portland Representative Andrea Valderrama said lawmakers are still seeking clarification from the Oregon Employment Department about how many are eligible.

She said: “In these circumstances where they were asked to appear on the line, where we called them heroes, our low-paid workers, who were the hardest hit, did not receive any additional compensation or risk compensation for appearing for these jobs.

“This bill solves that by paying a one-time appreciation to some of our lowest-paid employees in the riskiest places.”

Last spring, Oregon lawmakers flirted with legalization that aimed to send up to $2,000 in incentive payments to essential workers and $1,200 to unemployed residents returning to work.

But this time, funding can support up to $1,000 in payments by using funds under the US rescue law, said Ms. Valderrama.

The stimulus payments would be distributed among the Oregon Worker Relief Fund.

Though it hasn’t been confirmed yet, Oregon’s move would make it the last state to implement a stimulus program.

States that have been sending incentive checks to their residents include California, Maine, Maryland and Seattle.

Also Illinois legislators suggested incentive payments worth up to $400 in Nov.

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