January 21, 2022

When Californians Could Still See a Golden State Stimulus Check

Governor Gavin Newsom said California would have a clearer picture if the state could provide additional aid in May.

SACRAMENTO, California — California Governor Gavin Newsom said Californians could potentially expect some form of relief as the The COVID-19 pandemic continues..

Newsom said his government will work with the state afterward ABC10 asked him about his budget proposal during his press conference on Monday if there was another Golden State Stimulus check as Omicron cases in California continue to rise.

Californians earning less than $75,000 annually, about two-thirds of the state, received a Golden State Stimulus Payment in the form of $600 discount checks, which amounted to about $12 billion.

According to Newsom, the state has a mandate limiting spending where some of that money should go to both infrastructure and education. He said that number could change significantly between January and May.

He said they will learn during the review of the state’s budget proposal in May whether they will be allowed to spend on more items, such as a new stimulus check.

“Substantial contributions are likely to be returned to taxpayers,” Newsom said. “What form they come in, we will work with the legislature, and to what extent in terms of total dollar amounts will be determined in May.”

He added that there would have to be a constitutional amendment if that state money is used elsewhere. When asked if he would like money taken from education and used for something else, Newsom said he is proud of California’s investment in education.

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