January 21, 2022

Mexico: Mexican Institute of Social Security – Research Program

In brief

The Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) has launched a survey program with the aim of measuring the satisfaction of the user population (employees and former employees) and the quality of IMSS services, according to IMSS press releases. It is clear from the questions posed in the survey, which was distributed to employees and former employees, that IMSS also seeks to verify compliance with employer social security obligations.

The survey will be sent personally by email from the address [email protected] to any employee or former employee so that they can answer directly and confidentially to a list of questions related to the registration of the employees in the compulsory social security scheme, the integrated or consolidated daily wages used by the employer for the payment of employee-employer contributions to the IMSS and the evaluation of IMSS services.

Recommended actions

Employers must:

  • Communicate with their employees about the IMSS survey program and inform them that they can receive the survey.
  • Inform employees that responding to the survey is optional.
  • Explain to employees that if they want to respond to the survey, the company is in the best position to provide employees with the information to answer the survey questions correctly.
  • Assign a person from the company to provide uniform information to employees who complete the survey.
  • If applicable, save the information provided to employees to complete the survey.

in detail

The questionnaire is answered online, with respondents having to choose from pre-populated answers for some questions and provide specific information for others.

The contents are as follows:

  1. Did you have a job in August 2021? [Yes / No]
  2. Do you still have that job? [Yes / No]
  3. Your employer has registered you with the IMSS in this position. [Yes / No / Don’t know]
  4. Has your employer reported the salary you actually received to IMSS? [Yes / No / Don’t know]
  5. Have you been laid off from a job in the past three years (2019-2021)? [Yes / No]
  6. Approximately how many employees worked in the same facility where you work or worked at your last job? [ State number of employees ]
  7. How often did you receive your salary? [Daily / Weekly / Bi-weekly / Monthly / None of the above]
  8. What is or was your last monthly salary in pesos? [ State amount in pesos ]
  9. What do you think was the monthly salary that your employer reported to IMSS? [ State amount in pesos]
  10. How many employees of your company do you think are registered for the IMSS? [ Zero / From 1 to 10% / From 10% to 25% / From 25% to 50% / From 50% to 75% / From 75% to 99% / All ]
  11. What do you think are the benefits of registering with IMSS? (check all that apply) [ Christmas bonus payment / Disability and occupational risk insurance / Medical care / More vacations / Automatic retirement savings ]
  12. Did you know that by registering with the IMSS you are entitled to disability and work accidents insurance, which covers accidents, general and work-related illnesses, and that this benefit is proportional to the salary that your employer reports to the IMSS? This means that if your employer reports a lower salary to the IMSS, you are entitled to a smaller amount. [Yes / No]
  13. Did you know that part of the salary that your employer reports to the IMSS is saved for you in a pension account and that if your employer reports less salary to the IMSS, you will save less? [Yes / No]
  14. If you didn’t have IMSS, what amount would you be willing to pay per year to register with IMSS and have access to medical care and disability insurance for a year? [ Set amount in pesos ]
  15. Prefer no IMSS and 10% salary increase or IMSS? [Not having IMSS and having my salary increase 10% / Having IMSS ]
  16. From 0 to 10, with zero being very poor quality and 10 being very good quality, how would you rate IMSS’s medical services? [ Give a rating from 0 to 10 ]
  17. Have you used IMSS medical services in the past 12 months? [Yes / No]
  18. Have you used a private (non-IMSS) medical service in the past 12 months? [Yes / No]

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