January 18, 2022

SS, VA, Post, Plus-up Payments

Good news if you’re one of the millions of Americans who lived more than a month after the US bailout law was passed. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) said yesterday it has distributed an additional 2 million payments, totaling about $3.4 billion.

This is the fifth major batch of incentive checks being issued since they were approved in early March. This is who will receive them:

  • Beneficiaries of Veterans Affairs (VA): About 320,000 VA recipients who normally do not file tax returns are in this batch.
  • Recent filers: If the IRS didn’t have enough information about you, but you recently filed a tax return, you could be in this new batch.
  • People whose economic situation has changed in 2020: The batch includes new additional payments for taxpayers who received a smaller incentive check based on 2019 tax information, but now qualify for a larger one based on tax information from 2020. The IRS calls this “plus up” payments. It sent another 700,000 with this batch.
  • Social Security Beneficiaries: People who receive SS benefits but did not file tax returns in 2020 or 2019 may be in this new batch

The IRS says most of the payments in this new batch have been distributed via direct deposit, with a processing date of April 9 and a payment date of April 14. So if you are still waiting for a stimulus check and you have direct deposit, check your bank account.

Another 800,000 payments went out as paper checks, the IRS says. If you are expecting yours in the mail, it may take a few more weeks to receive it. However, you can check the IRS Receive my payment tool, which should tell you when your emailed payment has been sent.

The IRS says it will continue to send new batches of payments every week.

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