January 18, 2022

Will there be another stimulus check? Petition reaches 3 million signatures

The petition, started by a restaurant owner in Denver, has made the top 10 of Change.org for the past two years.

An effort launched by a restaurant owner in Denver calling on the federal government to give Americans monthly incentive payments until the Covid-19 pandemic abates has reached a new milestone. The online petition reached 3 million signatures by the end of Friday.

Thechange.org petitionfounded by Duo owner Stephanie Bonin in 2020, Congress called on Congress to regularly pass $2,000 for adults and $1,000 for children during the pandemic crisis.

It collected 2 million signatures in 2020 and set it upChange.org’s top 10 petitionsfor the 2020. As the signatures kept coming, it made the list weather for 2021.

Incentive payments were one of themost googled topics of 2021after Americans received $1,200 and $600 direct payment checks in 2020 during the Trump administration and another $1,400 under President Joe Biden.

In addition, the US bailout plan in March 2021 included a monthly advancechild tax creditpayments to eligible US families. Plus, there was tax forgiveness on the first$10,200 in unemploymentAmericans will receive in 2020.

There are no signs that lawmakers in Washington, DC are having serious discussions about afourth stimulus check for instant payment. While there have been calls by the public and some lawmakers for:recurring payments, practically nothing has happened in terms of action.

The future of themonthly children’s discountis also in the air. It was passed by the House in November as part of the $2 trillion Build Back Better bill. But that legislation has not received any support from Republicans in the Senate, and West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin has said he will not vote for it. He has also said he wants the child discount to have a requirement that recipients be employed.

However, there is some debate about a possible standalone child tax credit bill — something Alaska Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski has reportedly said she would consider falling behind.

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