January 23, 2022

Social Security: The Four Superpowers of My Social Security | columns

Did you know that having a personal My Social Security account is almost like having superpowers? Think about it. It protects you and you can even see into your financial future. Check out these four features that could empower all working Americans who pay to Social Security.

You may think you need to speak with a Social Security representative to check the status of your application, set up or change direct deposit, or request a replacement Social Security card. But you don’t! All you need to do is log in or create your personal My Social Security account at www.ssa.gov/myaccount. Manage your Social Security matters from home or on the go when it suits you.

Your personal information is very important to us. When you create an account, it prevents someone else from possibly creating an account in your name. We use two-step verification to verify that you are the one logging into your account. Our security measures enable you to access your personal information safely and securely using My Social Security.

Did you know that you can view your complete income history with your personal My Social Security account? Do you know why it is important to check it and make sure it is correct? Your future benefits are based on your earnings history. You won’t get all the benefits you should if our data underestimates your actual earnings. Use your account to check your Social Security Statement online and verify that your employers have correctly reported your earnings to us. We’ll tell you how to correct an error if you find one.

Retirement planning is essential for a secure future. And your personal My Social Security account makes it easy for you. You can view your retirement estimates by entering the age or date you expect to receive benefits and your estimated future salary amount. You can also view your estimated disability benefits on the Estimated Benefits page.

Daniel Damceski is the executive/state liaison for central Ohio. You may write to him c/o Social Security Administration, 200 N. High St., Columbus OH 43215 or by email at: [email protected].

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