January 18, 2022

What officially counts as a disability? Social Security has its own definition

A man sits back on a couch and rubs his eyes.  People can get help to meet Social Security's strict definition of: "incompetence" from disability attorneys such as Geary Disability Law in Wisconsin.

People can get help meeting Social Security’s strict definition of “disability” from disability attorneys such as Geary Disability Law in Wisconsin.

People who are unable to work due to health problems must have an “official” disability in order to receive financial assistance from Social Security. A disability lawyer explains.

APPLETON, WISCONSIN, UNITED STATES, January 6, 2022 /ENDdresswire.com/ — The concept of disability may seem simple.

You can think of it as a disability or health limitation, often something that can be recognized by a person’s appearance, speech, movement or use of aids.

Any health impairment that prevents a person from working before reaching retirement age may qualify him or her for financial assistance from: Social Security Disability Benefits.

But Social Security has a very specific way of defining what counts as a disability. And an overwhelming majority of people who apply for Social Security benefits are turned down.

The difference with Social Security is that it only looks at disability through the lens of work.

To decide whether an applicant is eligible for benefits, the government examines how their specific health limitations prevent them from holding the specific jobs that their work background supports.

This requires claimants with disabilities to provide detailed information about themselves, their health problems and their employment history. What at first glance appears to be a “disability” may or may not qualify for a Social Security disability.

One type of attorney — a disability insurance attorney — helps people navigate these issues.

Disability attorneys can be a resource for those struggling with the process. Geary Disability Law in Wisconsin has provided this 5-step guide to: meet the social security definition of disability .

The government takes people through many steps to get financial aid for serious health problems. This is intended to prevent mistakes, but it also creates a complicated system for those who are confronted with it.

Disability attorneys are committed to making the process as easy as possible for those in need.

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