December 4, 2021
PNV Requests Total Assignment Of The Minimum Income To Support The Budgets

PNV Requests Total Assignment Of The Minimum Income To Support The Budgets

The eight-month delay in the transfer of the Minimum Vital Income (IMV) to the Basque Country – it should have been carried out on October 30, 2020 – occupies and worries the Basque Executive, formed by PNV and PSE-EE.

There is so much concern about the blockade of this assignment that different voices of the nationalist formation have launched a “warning to navigators”: the support for different initiatives of the central government could not arrive, among them the pension reform or the Budgets.

Idoia Mendia , second vice-lehendakari, Minister of Labor and Employment, and general secretary of the Basque Socialists, returned to pronounce on the matter and reminded her party partner, the Minister of Social Security, José Luis Escrivá, that they agreed to make a full transfer.

“Never in history has Euskadi assumed a transfer under the terms proposed by Escrivá, without the economic part, half, and reserving the authorization of aid payments from Social Security,” explained Mendia.

Single window
The vice president believes, in this sense, that the competence must be agreed in full to process the files of the aid from the Basque Lanbide employment service and also assume the payment. “It is necessary that we do not complicate the existence of the recipient who is entitled to the Income Guarantee Income (RGI) and the IMV , to go to a single window, do the payroll and forget who pays,” said the counselor.

Idoia Mendia, in line with her conciliatory spirit between her party and her partner in the Basque Government, hopes that this matter will be redirected through dialogue and understanding. “We want full collaboration with the Ministry, but with the transfer well done,” Idoia Mendia planted.

More than a month has passed since Moncloa sent the proposal on the transfer of the IMV, which was rejected by the Minister of Self-Government, Olatz Garamendi . On these delays it was pronounced: “What worries me is not so much the delay on the established schedule, but that each and every one of the matters included in the Statute of Gernika is materialized in a comprehensive manner,” he emphasized.

Olatz Garamendi insisted that his department works on transfers, both in the first block and in the second, and that he will show that the transfer of the IMV must be complete and respect the Economic Agreement, “so that the Basque Country pays this social aid and makes adjustments to through the Quota “.

This tension has been transferred to the central Executive. The PNV has asked Escrivá to recover the dialogue with the Basque Government, because “if these things are not clarified before the Budget, the Government may have problems,” he warned.

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