December 4, 2021
PDeCat Tries To Disassociate Court Of Accounts From Bipartisan Consensus

PDeCat Tries To Disassociate Court Of Accounts From Bipartisan Consensus

The PDeCat has registered in the Congress of Deputies a bill to reform the system of election of the members that make up the Court of Accounts (TCu) reducing the number of necessary supports to a simple majority of the Lower House and Senate, after know the millionaire amounts that this body has demanded from several dozen former independence leaders for expenses in foreign action.

The party’s parliamentary spokesman, Ferran Bel, explained that the objective is to break “the PP’s operation to block” the TCu and “perpetuate” its majority in order to persecute the independence movement.

In a press conference in Congress, Bell has detailed that the initiative presented by PDeCat establishes that the election of the 12 members that make up the TCu – six elected by Congress and six by the Senate – need a qualified majority – three fifths of the Chamber – in the first round and that in the second round only a simple majority is necessary – half plus one of the Chamber.

“It is a solution to unblock this situation that we intuit that the PP is going to provoke, and the PSOE is going to consent, to perpetuate its mandate,” he declared.

Bell has accused the conservatives of trying to block the renewal of this body with “a purpose” to maintain its majority. “We are not going to allow it. We are going to try to prevent this from happening,” said the PDeCat leader before acknowledging that they do not know what will be the position of the PSOE and United We Can in this matter.

Regarding the millionaire amounts that the TCu claims from several former pro-independence leaders, Bell has pointed out that “it is an absolutely atypical situation” since “the external situation of other autonomous communities that have done absolutely the same is not being audited in the same way.” “This whole situation is irregular, absolutely irregular. It has neither head nor tail,” he continued.

The “stones” of the road
Junts has also moved token in the Congress of Deputies and the Senate. The spokesperson for the formation, Miriam Nogueras, has announced that they have registered non-legal proposals in both Chambers “urging the Government to withdraw the State’s legal profession from the cases opened against the independence movement in the Court of Accounts.”

As he has said, the Coalition Executive has to “begin to remove what they call stones and sticks on the road,” in reference to a word from the ministers José Luis Ábalos and Irene Montero on the obstacle posed by these causes on the road to the dialogue.

In addition, Nogueras has assured that the TCu is a “politicized, partial and arbitrary body that squanders legal guarantees and leads to absolute defenselessness.” Regarding the requests demanded from the leaders of the ‘procés’, he pointed out that they are economic amounts that the Court of Accounts “wants to steal from the members of the Generalitat de Catalunya who did their job.”

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