December 4, 2021
Teacher suspended for simulating Indian dance to help students memorize

Teacher suspended for simulating Indian dance to help students memorize

A California math teacher has been suspended after she was recorded wearing a feathered headdress and doing a strange Native American dance for her students.

The images were captured in the ‘John W. North’ school, in which the teacher Candice Reed, with a hat with feathers while singing a song called SOH CAH TOA , as a mnemonic to remember the definitions of the trigonometric functions: sine, cosine and tangent.

The Riverside Unified School District said it does not condone the teacher’s behavior and has suspended Reed while the district conducts an investigation into the incident.

“These behaviors are completely unacceptable and an offensive depiction of the vast and expansive cultures and practices of Native Americans,” the district said in a statement.

“We are deeply committed to implementing inclusive policies and practices that honor the rich diversity of our district and the wider region. We will work with our students, families, staff, and community to regain their trust, ” they added.

The video was posted on Facebook Wednesday by Shadae Johnson , a member of the Indigenous Urban Peoples Advisory Council in Vancouver.

Johnson said the images were filmed Tuesday by a Native American student in Reed’s math class. According to Johnson, the student began recording after several minutes of Reed’s ” war chants and tomahawk movement” because “he felt that violence was being committed against him and that he had a right to record.”

Reed was using dance to teach students the trigonometric functions, which help solve almost any problem related to finding the length of a side or the angle measure of a right triangle.

“I am sharing this video because these behaviors can no longer be hidden under the rug! ” Johnson wrote.

“We need to end discrimination and violence against indigenous youth in schools! We are not in the 1960s anymore, you should know!”

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