December 4, 2021
Moldova Declares State Of Emergency Due To Lack Of Gas

Moldova Declares State Of Emergency Due To Lack Of Gas

The Russian gas company Gazprom has denounced this Saturday that the Moldovan government owes an estimated amount of 600 million euros and warned that if it does not return the amount and signs a new contract by December 1, it will cut off the gas supply, according to a spokesman. .

“If the payment for the gas supply is not paid in full and, consequently, a new contract is not signed as of December 1 of this year, then Gazprom will stop the gas supply to Moldova,” the spokesman Sergei Kuprianov. according to Europa Press .

The warning comes a day after the Moldovan Parliament approved the entry into a state of emergency for 30 days, precisely to alleviate the current energy crisis that the country is going through after the failure of the negotiations with the Russian gas company.

Last week, the country’s Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spinu revealed that Moldova was seeking agreements with Romania, Ukraine and Russia to curb the crisis after criticizing Gazprom for raising prices from $ 550 per thousand cubic meters to $ 790, a bar. that it is “neither justified nor realistic” for the poorest country in Europe.

The spokesman, in response, explained that Moldova owes 370 million euros plus payment delays until reaching an amount that “for some reason the representatives of Moldova do not want to recognize, because it must be that they do not like it, no matter how clear and transparent that is fixed “.

Kuprianov also assured that in this ultimatum “there is no policy” involved and recalled that the company is a Russian state monopoly Gazprom. “Gazprom is a public limited company and cannot operate at a loss, nor can it afford to incorporate payments into the Russian budget. Our patience has a limit and it is Moldova who is causing this crisis,” he added in statements collected by RIA Novosti.

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