December 4, 2021

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This criminal lawyer makes his debut in fictional stories with a work in which he addresses hot topics, such as corruption, drug trafficking, luxury prostitution, the relationship between the different police forces and the day-to-day life of the agents with the lawyers and the world of justice.

Not surprisingly, Fuster-Fabra has represented more than 500 agents from generals of the Civil Guard, past policemen and mossos. This lawyer and doctor of law has participated in the most relevant trials against ETA and Islamist terrorism, and has interrogated, face to face, some of its most bloodthirsty members.

That experience with the state security forces allows the author of the book to go down to the kitchen of the investigations, unravel the personality of the inspector “just” Fran, a policeman and a perennial persecuted as false, and the other character: Irene Serrano, a Lawyer with dual Spanish and Colombian nationality who has struggled to achieve the status she has in the profession.

His destiny intersects with that of Fran when he investigates the death of Mariela Vegas, a prostitute from a luxury hostess club, also with dual nationality, murdered in Colombia. Its ramifications in Barcelona involve corrupt police, civil guards, mossos, lawyers, prosecutors, judges and politicians.

Fuster-Fabra has always been a restless attorney. The covid and confinement stopped his professional hyperactivity. “During the pandemic I was bored.

That was when I began to write the novel in pen. I remembered a policeman who came to my office years ago. It was very peculiar and elegant black sheep of a family. In my book I turned him into a marquis policeman “and” a rogue point, “he explains.

The other main character, Irene, is a tribute to female lawyers (in his office he is the only male). herself and a fighter who learns to treat men for being a fan of a soccer club. And there appears Espanyol, the team of which Fuster-Fabra is a fan. “This character is a mixture of the women I have met in my professional life “, specifies the writer.

In the book, the lawyer emphasizes, “there is an important part of my daily work experience when it comes to describing how police officers or judges and lawyers work.

What they say is true: When you write your first novel you tend to overturn to the characters as you are, and I am aware that many things of mine were pouring into the character. To distance myself from this, I created myself as a character in the novel “. That’s FF, his double.

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