October 28, 2021

Barcelona is Unstoppable the New Movement that Aims to Unseat

More than 80 entities have joined a new movement called ‘Barcelona is unstoppable ‘ that considers that the city is experiencing “discouragement” with the Ada Colau government and calls for “a mobilization” to reverse a situation that in their opinion has led that the Catalan capital has ceased to be an international reference, according to a manifesto released this Wednesday.

Although it does not make it explicit in a literal way, the movement seems to point to an initiative of an electoral nature in the face of the municipal elections of 2023 , which at this point are very open, in order to prevent Colau from reissuing the mayoralty.

The group calls a rally in Plaça de Sant Jaume on October 21 at seven in the afternoon. The manifesto accuses the Colau government, without citing her, of “wanting to undo Barcelona’s model of success” and of “projecting it as the city of no”. It also stresses that “great opportunities for social and economic progress and sustainability” have been missed.

The text calls on the people of Barcelona to “defend” the city and take “a step forward” to ensure that the city “does not stop because of fear and lack of vision for the future, nor does it let the leadership we want escape”. The manifesto, whose promoters invite you to subscribe to the website implicitly accuses Colau of ignoring the people of Barcelona, ​​calling for the transformation of “the Barcelona that turns its back and breaks the dialogue with the different actors of the city ”in“ the Barcelona that listens to its people ”.

“We want a development model that boosts the economy in all areas, that values ​​the entrepreneurial spirit and that gives opportunities to those who want to create wealth. Only in this way will Barcelona once again be a competitive city, full of opportunities and will attract those who want to generate quality employment ”, the manifesto continues.

Associations, companies and the self-employed to promote the Barcelona of ‘yes’. Only this union can reverse the current negative dynamics “, warns the letter, which concludes: ” Now is the time to recover the attitude of optimism and pride of the city to affirm that we will not let ourselves stop. We want a city truly committed to the well-being of those who live in it. A well-being based on respect for the environment, economic progress and social justice ”.

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