October 28, 2021
Baerbock, The Young And Changeable Bet Of Los Verdes That Deflates

Baerbock, The Young And Changeable Bet Of Los Verdes That Deflates

Green Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock stormed the German campaign promising youth and feminism, momentum, change and “radical realism,” but her inexperience, stumbles and alleged plagiarism have taken their toll.

Both, the strengths and weaknesses of the only female candidate , make up the profile of the first firm commitment of Los Verdes to reach the Chancellery and that finally, despite the fact that the polls indicate that it will double the results of 2017 , it seems that it will to be far from expectations.

His nomination last March led his party, for the first time in history, to clearly lead the voting intention polls. They surpassed the conservative bloc of Chancellor Angela Merkel, touching 26% of the votes: the environmentalists aspired to everything .

At that time Baerbock represented everything that the current government and its members, the conservative bloc of the Christian Democratic Union and the Bavarian Christian Social Union (CDU / CSU) and the Social Democratic Party (SPD), after eight years in power.

But Baerbock and Los Verdes have been deflating since then, the polls point out, which currently place the party in third position , behind the two traditional formations, according to EFE .

His exposure in a long campaign -especially aggressive by German standards-, the war without quarter from some media and the networks have magnified his weaknesses and also his mistakes like a magnifying glass, sowing the doubt if maybe Baerbock was too big. Chancellor’s suit.

The main stumbling block he has run into has been the information on the excerpts from his recent book ‘Jetzt. Wie wir unser Land erneuern ‘ (‘ Now. How we renew our country ‘) which have been copied without citing, up to a hundred according to one expert.

The green candidate also had to “adjust” her resume , after it was published that it included errors and inaccuracies; and that it belatedly reported to the Bundestag additional income from ancillary charges that it had not initially reported.

Baerbock, co-president of Los Verdes since 2018, is a pragmatic politician, from the more centrist family of Los Verdes , who would be able to negotiate a coalition with both the SPD and The Left as well as with the conservatives and liberals.

In addition to having achieved in recent years some transversal majorities for his proposals in parliament, he was a member of the green negotiating group that sought after the 2017 elections a tripartite of conservatives, environmentalists and liberals.

“She has the inner strength and the absolute decision to achieve what she sets out to do. The majority opinion (in The Greens) is that Baerbock is amazingly competent in the technical and a very good negotiator”, says Ulrich Schulte, director of the parliamentary section of the Tageszeitung newspaper and author of the book ‘Green Power’.

She is competent, passionate and even combative in the debates, although sometimes it works against her – as also happens to her party – the feeling that environmentalism is based on prohibitions and on judging from a certain moral superiority, which does not go down well. among many voters.

Little political experience
Baerbock was born on December 15, 1980 on a farm near Hannover (central Germany). Since she was little, she lived environmentalism, although without activism: she herself has said that she attended anti-nuclear demonstrations with her parents on several occasions.

He studied Political Science at the University of Hamburg and later International Public Law at the British London School of Economics, where he forged his strength in the economic and social field. In politics, without extensive experience, he has gone through different administrative levels , although never in management positions, something that conservatives and social democrats have repeatedly highlighted.

She has tasted regional politics in the federal state of Brandenburg, has served two legislatures in the Bundestag (lower house) and served for three years in Brussels as chief of staff of the green MEP Elisabeth Schroedter. Baerbock is married with two young daughters. Although it is not considered religious, it belongs to the evangelical church.

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