September 26, 2021
Culmia Launches 15 Luxury Homes In The Historic Center Of San Sebastián

Culmia Launches 15 Luxury Homes In The Historic Center Of San Sebastián

Culmia bets on luxury. The real estate developer has launched an exclusive development consisting of 15 homes with 2,3 and 4 bedrooms in the center of San Sebastián . Each property also has a storage room and direct garage, while the ground floors of the building have commercial premises.

The promotion, baptized as Culmia Harribitxi Donostia, was born from a restored historic building dating from the late nineteenth century and whose facade has been respected for its architectural value and some elements have been restored to return them to their natural state. As Culmia explains, in the promotion, both in the homes and in the common spaces, all the elements have been taken care of with great detail to ensure harmony with the historic building, as well as comfort and sophistication.

The homes have been designed optimizing the distribution of spaces and have a decoration inspired by geometry and design. The development, built under the highest efficiency standards, has the A energy rating . Thanks to different functionalities, it ensures an ideal and stable temperature inside all homes. Likewise, the homes have efficient and sustainable heating and ventilation systems and double-glazed windows that guarantee the thermal and acoustic insulation of the homes while contributing to energy savings.

The composition of the glass on the façade has also been designed to limit heat losses while reinforcing acoustic insulation. After this launch, the company already has 12 projects underway in the central and northern territories, which represent more than 650 homes .

“Culmia Harribitxi Donostia is one of our most special promotions. Located in a renovated historic building in the heart of San Sebastián, it offers families a magnificent option of new luxury housing that combines careful details, the use of noble materials and optimization of the distribution of the spaces with the exclusivity of living in a building as prominent as Harribitxi: the precious stone of Donostia “, explained Javier del Castillo, central and north territorial director of Culmia.

The development is located in the so-called romantic area of ​​San Sebastián, in Plaza de Guipúzcoa nº2, on the corner of Calle Elkan o, an area full of historic buildings barely altered in recent years and in which there is also a wonderful green area , the Plaza Guipúzcoa, which has large spaces and a lake.

Since 2013, Culmia has delivered more than 5,000 homes throughout Spain and has a marketing portfolio of 80 developments and 4,000 homes and land to develop 15,000 more homes.

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